Morning Session, 8.30 13.00
8.30 8.40 Welcome Address
Firdaus Akmal, Chairman of Indonesian Coal Society

8.40 9.10 Opening Keynote Address
Energy Alternative to Substitute Oil Policy and Regulation in Indonesia, Dr. Purnomo Yusgiantoro, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources RI (DESDM)

9.10 9.25 Discussion

9.25 10.00 Coffee Break and Press Conference

Plenary Session:

10.00 10.15 Regional Energy Trends and Their Impact on Indonesia, Ari S Hudaya, Chairman and CEO, PT Bumi Resources, Tbk.

10.15 10.30 Business Opportunity of Indonesian Resources, Boni Siahaan, Ministry of State Owned Business Agency

10.30 10.45 Reflexion on Long Term Indonesia Energy Demand& Strategy, Elwin Rachmat, President of Indonesia Oil& Gas Community

10.45 11.00 Indonesian Gas Outlook in 2025, Yoga Suprapto, President Director PT BADAK NGL

11.00 11.15 Energy Resources Businesses in Indonesia, Faiz Shahab, COO PT. Energy Mega Persada, Tbk

11.15 11.30 Coal Liquefaction, Theo Lee, CTO, HTI Headwaters, USA

11.30 11.45. Are We Running Out of Oil ? The Hydrocarbon Exploration Cycles in Indonesia, Andang Bachtiar, Chairman, Exploration Think Thank Indonesia

Lunch, 13.00 14.00
14.00 16.00 Technical Papers on Energy Resources

14.00 14.20 Economics of CBM Production in South Sumatra, E. Makino, Sojitz Corp, Japan

14.20 14.40 Coal Liquefaction in Indonesia: Current Status and Future Program, Nining Sudini Ningrum, Mineral and Coal Technology Center, DEMR

14.40 15.00 Development and Erection of 7 tph capacity LRC Upgrading Pilot Plant, Aryadi Suwono, Institute Technology Bandung, Indonesia

15.00 15.15 Coffe Break

15.15 15.35 Experiences on Small Scale Coal Gasification for Heat Generation. Dwiwahju Sasongko. Herri Susanto, Chemical Engineering Dept., Institute Technology Bandung

15.35 15.55 The Utilization of Upgraded Coal as Raw Material for Coal Water Mixture Preparation, Datin Fatia Umar, Bukin Daulay, Hiromoto Usui, Hiroshi Suzuki, Yoshiyuki Komoda, Research and Development Center for Coal and Mineral Technology, Bandung, Indonesia, Department of Chemical Science and Engineering, Kobe University

15.55 16.05 Japan A Proposal for standard method in assessing spontaneous combustion properties of coal, Yulianto Nugroho, University of Indonesia
14.00 16.00 Business Meeting On Coal Liquefaction

DAY TWO: POWER GENERATION, Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Morning Session, 8.30 13.00
Keynote Address:

8.30 8.50 Energy Technology Strategy for Indonesia in 2025, Prof. Ir. Said D Jenie, Sc.D, Chairman of Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT)

8.50 9.10 Crash Program 10,000 MW in Indonesia, Eddie Widiono, President Director of PT. PLN 9.10 9.25 Discussion

9.25 10.00 Coffee Break

Plenary Session:

10.00 10.40 Prospect of Coal Gasification Technology in Indonesia, Ben Lawson, Boston Harbor Capital / PT Motus GemilangandCoal Gasification Technology, Steven Rahm, General Electric, USA

10.40 11.00 Prospect on Coal Bed Methane, Eko Widianto, PT Pertamina

11.00 11.20 Japanese Initiatives in Driving Forward Clean Coal Technology, Direct Coal Liquefaction, Coal Gasification, and Other Innovative CCT, Shunichi Yanai, NEDO Japan

11.20 11.40 Biodiesel Technology, Soni S. Wirawan, Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT)

11.40 12.00 Security Supply of Indonesian Coal, MS Marpaung, Director of Business Development Mineral and Coal, DESDM

Lunch, 12.30 13.30
13.00 17.00 Technical Papers on Clean Coal Technologies, Oil & Gas and Renewable energy

13.00 13.50 Lignite Gasifier TIGAR, Nobuhiko KUBOTA, IHI, Japan

13.50 14.10 Large Scale Lignite Mine Mouth IPP Project in South Sumatra, E. Makino, SoijitzCorp, Japan

14.10 14.30 Coal Gasification for oil substitution in Diesel Engine, H Yurismono, Energy Technology Center, BPPT

14.30 14.50 Best Practice Coal Combustion Control Systems for Power Generating Plants, Toorsilo Hartadi, Energy Technology Center, BPPT

14.50 15.20 Coffee Break

15.20 15.40 Straight Palm Oil As Alternative Fuel, Unggul Priyanto, BPPT

15.40 16.00 Photovoltaic-Diesel Hybrid Power System in Ponelo Village, Gorontalo, Adjat Sudradjat , BPPT

16.00 16.20 Review Air Pollution Control for Coal Fired Power Plant in Indonesia, Cahyadi, Energy Technology Center, BPPT

16.20 16.40 A Study on the Development of Photovoltaic Grid Connected System in Indonesia, A.Prastawa, A. Rezavidi, BPPT

13.00 16.00 Business Meeting On Coal Gasification

Elwin Rachmat, Chairman Indonesia Oil and Gas Community

Exhibition, 4 and 5 December 2006

Two days Exhibition, 9.00 17.00

Post Conference, 6-7 December 2006

One Day Energy Workshop for Indonesian , 6 December 2006

Teknologi dan Ekonomi Pembangkit Listrik Batubara, Gas dan Energi Terbarukan
Workshop in Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia).
  1. Sumber daya energi di Indonesia
  2. Teknologi Pemanfaatan Batubara : Coal to Liquid, Coal Upgrading, Coal Gasification
  3. Berbagai jenis Teknologi Pembangkit Listrik : Batubara, Gas dan Biodise
  4. Perhitungan ekonomi berbagai pembangkit listrik
  5. Peraturan-peraturan daerah dan pusat tentang pembangunan pembangkit listrik

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